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Vegas Summer League Rockets vs Pistons

Only The Wrong Thompson

2023 NBA Summer League - Portland Trail Blazers v Houston Rockets
Cam Time
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Rockets are back in action today at 5PM CST on ESPN2 in the Las Vegas Summer League. Unfortunately the much anticipated Thompson Twin Showdown will not materialize today, as Amen Thompson has been diagnosed with a Grade 2 ankle sprain.

Amen will be cheering from the sideline, wearing a walking boot. Ausar will be playing for the Detroit Pistons. It’s all wrong, and off script, but there it is.

Fortunately the brief glimpse of Amen Thompson we got tended to confirm the positive side of his prospect status: speed, quickness, decision making, passing, unselfishness, defense. His 3pt shot did indeed look weird, but it was quick, and went in. There’s a lot of work to do rebuilding it.

Last year’s 1-3 pick Jabari Smith Jr might have retired from the NBA, judging by some early comment on his play in the first summer league game. Fortunately he came out strong in the second half, and showed the kind of play that got people excited about him in the first place. A last second, or really, half-second, pass from Tari Eason to Jabari for a miracle three pointer got the Rockets the win in a fun game against Portland.

That contest saw top prospects Scoot Henderson and Amen Thompson both looking good before both left late with injuries that look to keep them out of the rest of Summer League action, unfortunately.

The Rockets now basically lack a point guard for VSL with Thompson out. It’d be cool if TyTy Washington was lining up for the Rockets, but the Rockets brilliantly paid the Atlanta Hawks to take him, and now he’s on the OKC Thunder, so that’s just a really slick move there, Stone. Brilliant work.

But then, the Rockets really don’t need a point guard. Cam Whitmore is more than willing to bring the ball upcourt and take every shot. Let’s see what happens. It might be amazing.


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