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The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 2, April 17, 2015

Ryan Dunsmore and Ethan Rothstein talk the final day of the NBA season, the Western Conference Playoffs, and Rockets/Mavericks.

On the eve of the playoffs, it seems like no better time to have a podcast.

The Rockets survived a crazy day that could have seen them in the fifth seed and as high as the second seed in the Western Conference. As fate would have it, the Rockets ended up having everything break their way.

Houston won their first division champion in over 20 years. They face the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs. In episode two, Writer Ryan Dunsmore and Editor Ethan Rothstein talk about:

  • The Final Day of the NBA season
  • Western Conference Playoffs
  • The First round matchup between the Rockets and Mavericks
  • Listeners' questions
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