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Rockets vs. Warriors game thread: Stealing without Superman?

Dwight Howard is a game time decision tonight.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Rockets still don't know if their All-Star center will suit up tonight, throwing predictions and expectations for Game 2 into a dense fog of injury speculation.

If Dwight can't go, will Kevin McHale ignore two years of playoff history and start Terrence Jones alongside Josh Smith? Or will he play possibly his final cards, throwing Clint Capela out there in extended minutes at center, or going small with just one power forward and four perimeter players.

Either way, tonight's Rockets team will look very different than the one we've seen fight and run and block their way to the Western Conference Finals. If Dwight plays, he will be far from 100 percent, or else this whole thing has been a charade, and I'd like to give Dwight more credit than that.

It all adds up to Rockets fans, myself included, being a collective pile of anxiety before tonight's game. The Rockets showed a ton of heart in the fourth quarter without Howard, but sustaining that for 48 minutes in the loudest arena in the league is a tall order.