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Rockets vs. Warriors 2015 NBA Playoffs Final Score: Houston and James Harden Fumble Away Game 2

James Harden and Stephen Curry once again had a magnificent duel, but the Rockets could not win game 2 in Oakland.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Once again we were treated to marvelous performances by both James Harden and Stephen Curry.  Unfortunately, the Houston Rockets were unable to leave Oakland with a victory.  They fell to Curry and the Golden State Warriors once again, 99-98.

Just when it seemed like the Rockets were going to settle into one of those five-to-eight-point losses, they made a fierce comeback.  The Rockets forced turnovers, the biggest being Corey Brewer forcing a huge eight second call on the Warriors second to last possession.

After shutting down Harrison Barnes on a drive, the Rockets had a shot to win it at the end, but Harden had the ball stripped by Curry and Klay Thompson.  Really would have loved to see Kevin McHale call a timeout there to set something up.  There was a lot of chaos.

Dwight Howard had the ball at the three-point line with about four seconds left!  There is no way that can ever happen!

Harden once again had an amazing game. He was so very close to another triple-double (38-10-9), was able to get his shot any time he wanted, got to the line (not as much as we're used to or he would like), played solid defense and did everything he could to help the Rockets win the game.

Outside of Curry, Draymond Green was the biggest Rocket killer tonight.  He had some excellent tackles and moving screens that resulted in fouls on the Rockets some how.  Yes, your team isn't going to get every call every time, but just a call once in a while would be nice.

Jason Terry found his shot again tonight and played some pretty solid defense throughout the night.  It wasn't anything to write home about, but he competed and made both Curry and Thompson work for their points when he was on them.  Shaun Livingston had his way with him, but that's another story.  Trevor Ariza fits into this good defensive night and meh offensive night as well.  He had seven points, but wasn't as deadly as he has been lately.

We won't even talk about the game Josh Smith had.  Feel free to address that down in the comments.

Terrence Jones also showed up, he was a big reason the Rockets had an amazing 23-6 run to end the second quarter.  The Rockets were down 17 points and they used this run to tie it at 55-55 going into the half.  Howard was big with 19 points, 17 boards and a block.

Nick Johnson even made an appearance, stealing a couple minutes for an ineffective Pablo Prigioni. Prigioni was making a lot of bad decisions tonight defensively.  He went under two screens that led to two Curry three pointers. Again, that is simply something you just cannot allow.

Game 3 is Saturday, same time (8PM CST) and once again on ESPN.  The Rockets need this win on Saturday.  No NBA has ever come back from 3-0.