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Rockets fans were stuck at Toyota Center last night...with Dwight Howard

He was there into the early morning hanging out with fans.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night brought seriously rough weather to the Houston area, right as James Harden started cooking in Game 4 against the Warriors. After the Rockets' impressive win to extend the Western Conference Finals, Dwight Howard said to reporters, "We don't wanna go home." I don't know if he meant it literally, but that's what wound up happening -- he and hundreds of fans were trapped in the Toyota Center overnight waiting for the storm to pass.

With about two minutes left in the game (which ended at around 11 PM), the jumbotron in the arena showed a message advising fans to remain in their seats until the storm passed. According to the Chron's David Barron, most fans left anyway, but hundreds who, like Dwight, wanted to play it safe and avoided being stranded on a flood highway.

Dwight was at the arena as late as 2:15 AM, and in a very cool move, he stayed in the court area, hanging out with fans and giving out at least a few handshakes.

There were reports of flash flooding all over the city, as more than 10 inches of rain were reported in multiple locations in the Houston area. If you're in the area, we hope you made it through the worst of it all right and continue to stay safe.