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Rockets Trade Deadline 2015: Pablo Prigioni and K.J. McDaniels are Rockets now

It was down to the wire, but we got some fascinating pieces.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Right at the last second, the Rockets worked some Morey magic to turn three second-round picksAlexey Shved and Isaiah Canaan into veteran point guard Pablo Prigioni and super-athletic rookie wing K.J. McDaniels, from the Knicks and 76ers, respectively. It wasn't a blockbuster, but it's definitely something.

All day, it seemed less and less likely that Daryl Morey would make a move this year. It turned out to be an absolutely crazy trade deadline, and even though the Rockets were involved in two of the more boring trades of the day, they still got demonstrably better.

Yes, Pablo Prigioni is quite the elder statesman, but he is an incredibly smart player who is a great facilitator. Unfortunately, in his time on the Knicks he was pretty allergic to shooting. We'll see if that changes, or if Kevin McHale decides that Jason Terry still needs to see the floor because of it. Ugh.

McDaniels is more interesting. He was a second-round pick this year, but in his time on the Sixers, he established that he can use his athleticism to make real basketball plays. He was possibly the most intriguing Sixer all year, and now the Rockets have him. It's no surprise that Daryl Morey can get a lot of deals done with his former employee, Sam Hinkie.

Alas, Lil' Sip is no longer with us. He was good when he started, then Beverley came back and he was never heard from again. I hope some Canaanballs will fall in Philadelphia for the rest of this season and beyond.

With that out of the way, PABLOOOOO!!!! SB Nation's Knicks site, Posting & Toastingloved the crafty Argentinian. I think we will too. More detailed reactions to all the wheeling and dealing of today will come later.

For now, what do you think of the Morey moves?