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Goran Dragic has been traded to Miami

As reported by Marc Stein. Also, Reggie Jackson is on the move.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

So, that king's ransom we mentioned? Well, the Suns got it from Miami. ESPN's Marc Stein broke the news that Dragic is taking his talents to South Beach, and the offer that was reported earlier in the day was for Josh McRoberts, Norris Cole, Chris Andersen and two first-round picks.

That's a hell of a haul for a team whose leverage in dealing Dragic was sabotaged when he openly demanded a trade and then gave a very short list of teams with which he'd sign extensions. In the face of all that, the Rockets didn't stand much of a chance to get their man.

Honestly, if this is the kind of package it would have taken to bring the Dragon back to Houston, I'm relieved that Morey said "no thanks." The Rockets are too close to where they want to be to send that many usable assets AND mortgage their future for a non-franchise player. Yes, he's a stud and would have been a huge upgrade, but he'd still have been the third-best player on the Rockets. What the Heat probably gave up for him (and his younger brother, Zoran) is the kind of package you give up for a cornerstone.

OKC's Reggie Jackson was also moved at around the same time, sent to Detroit at the deadline. Woj got that scoop, and reported that the Thunder got back Enes Kanter from the Jazz and Kyle Singler from the Pistons. The Rockets never came up among potential destinations for Jackson, and thank god. He is the kind of ball-dominant combo guard the Rockets absolutely do not need mucking up their offense.

More on the Rockets' deadline activity soon.